The Application of Solar Power in Manufacturing

Solar power is in demand in the manufacturing sector as it has established itself as the cheapest form of electricity. The debate continues on how solar power is dependent on good weather and therefore unreliable for manufacturing companies. However this fact is now combated with battery deployment. Due to solar installation now at a very affordable price a company would only take a few years to break-even.

Factory Roofs – Ideal for Solar Power

Most factories have wide roofs with ample space for solar panels. Most factory roofs are flat and would be very easy when it comes to installation. In smaller buildings the roof may be at an angle and therefore not receive the optimum exposure to the sun which will not be the case for a factory. The other benefit would be that since factories are built in isolated land, factory roofs would not be shaded by trees or overhead objects. Tesla’s Gigafactory is a prime example as it will run its operations solely on solar power. When this factory is completed it will be a major step in the use of the solar power in the manufacturing sector.

The Solar Shopping Process

One of the main factors taken into consideration for this is by how much harnessing solar energy would cut down on your operational costs, and of course when you would start getting your return on investment. The scale of your manufacturing operation has to be taken into account and what your load profile would require when your company goes solar shopping. Certain companies have adopted the Commercial Solar Solarbay initiative. This would analyse the network tariff and compare it to your levels of consumption and exports and provide a solution accordingly which therefore give you the maximum from your investment.

Make your Comparisons

One major mistake that manufacturing companies do is only consider one quote from a sole solar agent. Fish around in the market, there is no harm in getting multiple quotations and comparing which one would give you the most value addition to your company. Consider the services provided and level of expertise and make your choice. The more quotations you get, the more likely it is that your business would make a wise business decision and save up on thousands of dollars. Seeking the services from a branded agent would obviously cost you more, however, there are plenty of smaller solar agents who would provide you the same output for a much more affordable price.

Consider the Equipment

Variations in quotations may be due to the difference in the equipment package included. You do not want to pay money for obsolete solar technology so ensure you know the equipment you are being provided. It is of course of little worth if the package is cheaper due to lesser quality. Do not comprise on quality when it comes to your operational energy supply. Panels come in various levels of efficiency so know your ratings when considering the equipment. You need to find the “sweet spot” for your manufacturing facility, this can only be done through careful research and of course picking the right technology and equipment for your operations. So yeah, make those comparisons now and regret less later!