Tips on Growing Cactus Plants

There are many types of plants that could be grown in your garden. If you do not have a garden and would love to have some plants of your own, you can consider growing some indoor plants. There are various types of indoor plants that you can grow. One such plant you can grow can be listed as cactus plants. There are various types of cactus plants and you need to understand the types before making a purchase. Some plants do not grow very big and therefore you can grow them indoors while there are many other types of plants that grow big and should be planted outdoors. Following are some of the types of cactus plants that you can grow.

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If you visit garden studios Melbourne you will notice that there are certain types of cactus plants that are included in various gardens. This is mainly because cactuses are a low maintenance plant. If you see a plant which has thorns and also is flat, you are probably looking at a beavertail plant. This is a type of plant that blooms a pink flower with a great scent. Many people say that beavertail plants smell like watermelons.

Golden Ball

These are given this specific name because it has yellow spikes. These spikes are not harmless and it safe to grow in your house. If you hire landscapers Melbourne and request them to grow cactus plants in your house, you will realize that they will suggest golden ball cactus plants. These plants do not need much maintenance and if you have an idea in growing cactus plants by yourself, golden globe would be a great choice.

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If you are looking for a cactus plants that is purely for decoration purposes, you can purchase a Christmas plant as it blooms very beautiful flowers. This could be left inside the house gives a beautiful look to your entire room as the pink flowers it blooms are absolutely stunning. Just as the other type of cactus plants, you do not need to water this type of plant as cactus plants are low maintenance plants as a whole.


This is a plant that looks quite similar to the beaver tail plant because of its flat outer appearance. However, it has two ear-like parts which makes the plant looks like a bunny. This is the main reason for this type of plant to be named as bunny-ear cactus. This plant needs enough sunlight and therefore, usually grows in desert areas.

Therefore, if you are looking for cactus options to grow in your garden, the above are some of the best examples.