Safety Advice for Working from Heights

Whether you do it all the time or just get the occasional rush, working from heights is certainly a good way to get your heart rate up to triple figures and with good reason. Get any of the basic things like grip and balance wrong up there and it is a long way down. So it is absolutely essential that you follow the proper safety guidelines whenever you are on the job.

Here, we have listed down a few tips that will help keep you standing upright before and after you have left the ground.

Get educated

Working safely from heights may look like a straightforward case of ‘stay away from the edge’, but actually there is more to it than that. Depending on what your job description is, you will need to acquire a plethora of knowledge and skills to make sure that your work up there is efficient and safe every single time. Brisbane is one of the most thriving cities in Australia and has a lot of tall buildings. To work safely at heights Brisbane, the city also offers training by which participants get a comprehensive understanding of the risks and how to alleviate them.

Use the rails

Pretty much any man-made place ought to have some man-made protection on it. On a building, that usually means railings. The idea is simple: always stay and work within the railing. If a railing is yet to be installed on the building, you could have one built by an on-hand carpenter or get one pre-fabricated from a manufacturer. Whatever you choose, it should be safe to use so long as it complies with OSHA’s requirements.

Choose the right PPE

Personal Fall Arrest Systems or PFAS’ are useful to have but only if you have selected the right equipment. Pretty much any full body harness that complies with the standards of the ANSI will perform consistently and well. Traditionally, harnesses are not cheap once they begin piling on benefits like additional functionality and comfort. So it’s best do your research before making your purchase. For instance, if work at heights involves welding, you would be better off selecting a Kevlar harness rather than one made of nylon.

Choose the Best Means of Working at a Height

You cannot depend on one harness to suit them all and the same is true for your overall fall protection solution. In some case, what you need is scaffolding. Sometimes, you need a lift. And at other times, you just need a ladder. But in the case of a ladder, it is worth noting that your fall protection system is going to be a bit tricky. So it is important for you to read your work situation thoroughly before deciding what means to choose.


So there, these are the main factors you should think about before signing up for your job on your precarious perch. It will not be that precarious once you have followed these simple tips.