How To Organically Grow Your Business With A Coworking Lounge

In our wildest dreams, we would never believe it possible to be in a place where work and play combine to bring an interesting mix of productivity, creativity, innovation, and invention. There has never been a place where workspace has been within a few feet of the coffee or cocktail bar, but in recent years, coworking spaces have evolved to include a range of amenities, including the coworking lounge.

Some of these establishments come with a café that is a part of the lounge and others simply supply professionals with a place to hang out or even collaborate. These offices become spaces where professionals can use a coworking lounge to communicate and collaborate with others in a community that supports developing business relationships. Coworking lounges are really an ingenious idea for getting professionals from diverse industries to work with one another.

Continue reading to learn how to maximise the coworking lounge to build your business.

Open Up Opportunity

One of the best ways to get plugged into a community in the space is to create opportunities to do so. While the dedicated desk is a great option that will give you privacy, consider choosing a hot desk, which can place you in the middle of the workday hub. Some of Australia’s most inventive start-ups launched their business from the humble hot desk. These workspaces place you in close proximity to other professionals and give you the chance to connect with others in the workspace.

Attend Community Events

Most coworking spaces worth their weight in gold have a social calendar. These events can be business-related or can be more informal. Barbecues, movie night, and then the more business-related pitch nights can all be a part of the social calendar. While you do not have to attend every event, make time to attend a few events every month to break up the monotony of work.

Participate In Networking Events

Networking events are the best places to formally introduce yourself to the community. To make the event more purposeful, come to the event with a plan to engage at least three or four meaningful conversations that can lead to other opportunities. These conversations can lead to further get-togethers for lunch or dinner or maybe a chat session at the coffee bar about work.

Launch An Event

Once you have a cache of associates, consider launching an event yourself in the coworking space around a theme. If you are working on several teams, create a platform for presenting new parts of these collaborations within the community. The function does not necessarily have to be a dry one, but it can be engaging, relaxing, and entertaining if well-thought out.

Spend Time In The Lounge

If you find that your work takes up so much time and you do not have time to attend these functions, take a quick break intermittently while working to get to know the community. Even small exchanges in the lounge can lead to other conversations in the community. Not only will it give you a break from the monotony of work, but it can also introduce you to others in the community without the stress of being in a crowd of other professionals trying to raise the visibility of their venture.

Growing In The Coworking Ecosystem

The coworking community can be the coolest place to work, but its more immediate functions are that it does provide the elements that create opportunities for businesses to grow. Social interaction combined with space diversity drive industry in the coworking space simply by making a way for people to meet each other. If nothing else, you can develop relationships and make life-long friendships.