Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Local Domestic Electrician

Hiring an electrician for fixing or maintenances at home is a bigger deal than you might think. The electrical grid at home is very susceptible to hazards. Even a small mistake could result is a major disaster. Therefore, the electrician you hire to meddle with the system must absolutely know what they are doing. You should never be lazy when it comes to hiring an electrician for work at home. If you need one, here are several questions to ask before you finally do the hiring:

Do You Have a Valid License?

This is the very first question you should ask the house electrical maintenance Adelaide you have in mind. There are two types of people who call themselves electricians: those who are in training and those who are allowed to do professional work. In Australia, the state government issues license to electricians who have completed their training. You should always check for this license before hiring a local worker. You can go to the state website and navigate to the tradespeople licensing agency. There, you can look up the licensing number the electrician provides to make sure it’s indeed valid.

Do You Have Insurance?

Then second most important question you should ask the electrician you hire is whether he or she has insurance coverage. If you are contracting through an agency, then the agency must have coverage. Insurance is absolutely important in case there’s an injury or if the work ends up causing property damage. Electrical work is risky work. Therefore, insurance is a must. Otherwise you could end up covering tens of thousands of dollars in damage out of your own pocket.

Do You Have a Specialisation?

Electricians, too, have their own specialisations. For example, electricians specialise in construction work, home renovations, remodelling, rewirings, and so on. So you should hire the electrician best suited for the task at hand. There’s little sense in hiring an electrician that specialises in construction work to rewire your kitchen. Therefore, ask what field the potential hire specialises in. If you have a special project, like a room remodelling, to undertake, then hire an electrician specialised for that type of work.

How Long Have You Been an Electrician?

Of course, experience is very important when it comes to electrical work. The more experience the electrician has, the better he or she will be at the job. If your home needs are rather complex, like a rewiring project, then you probably need to hire an experienced professional. On the other hand, if the job is small like installing a wall socket, then a newly licensed electrician will probably do. But as a rule of thumb, do look for experience to find the best electricians.

What is Your Estimate for the Project?

Before you hire the person, it’s very important to get an estimate for the entire project to avoid nasty misunderstandings letter. You should ideally get this estimate in writing. The electrician might go over the estimate when doing the actual job, but you won’t have to be if the cost is exuberantly over what you were promised. You will have to budget for the project as you would do with anything else. Therefore, an estimate is very important.

Make sure you ask all of the above questions before finally deciding which electrician to hire.